What is Preventative Maintenance?

By definition, what this term means is that someone is taking steps to prevent future damage or repair needs. If not done correctly then nothing will prevent a unit from deteriorating under consistent use and eventually fail due to lack of regularly needed maintenance.

Our custom Preventative Maintenance Agreements (PM’s) are designed to keep your equipment working safely and efficiently as well as limit the frequency of repairs through regular maintenance, calibration, lubrication and inspections. It is a misconception that since a piece of equipment is under a manufacturer’s warranty a service agreement is not necessary.

The best analogy to explain the importance of a PM Agreement while under manufacturers warranty is your vehicle maintenance. Although the vehicle is under warranty, the dealer does not pay for oil changes, tire rotation, alignments, tune ups etc. All equipment has a manufacturer suggested PM procedure which should be done weekly, monthly and daily from the day you receive your equipment. We offer a customized PM program designed for your specific equipment needs.

Preventative Maintenance Agreements are necessary for any facility hoping to limit member complaints while providing a safer workout experience.

What does a Preventative Maintenance visit entail?

During each preventative maintenance visit, ALL equipment covered under this agreement will be:

  • Inspected for proper operation to ensure member safety is not compromised.
  • Thoroughly cleaned on the interior so that all components are free of harmful dirt and dust.
  • Thoroughly cleaned on the exterior and underneath unit to protect the cosmetic appearance as well as the running surface.
  • Adjusted in accordance to manufacturers’ specifications.
  • Diagnosed for any possible future failures to avoid unit down time.
  • Lubricated in accordance to manufacturers specifications for long lasting trouble free operation.
  • Calibrated for optimal performance.

As your Preventative Maintenance provider, we promise to give you the best value for your investment. We refuse to cut corners or overlook details in order to become more profitable. We will not compromise the safety of your customers by giving less than our highest quality work. We do not discount our services to the degree that our quality is compromised. We will make every effort to extend the life of your equipment through honest and professional cost conscious maintenance.

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