When your Fitness Equipment breaks down or is experiencing minor difficulties, your first step is to check the status of your Manufacturers Warranty. Once you have realized that the Warranty has expired, your next step should be to find a highly recommended Fitness Equipment Repair Company that has a proven track record for being quick, efficient, cost conscious, and most of all reliable. Fitness Services of Florida has enjoyed success since 1998 by giving honest and unmatched service by a team of Professionals that never lose sight of our goal. Our goal is to simply provide your members and guests with a safe and satisfying workout experience.

In order to maintain the satisfaction of your members and guests, we have assembled an impressive staff of technicians that have given our Company a definite edge over other servicers. Our hiring process has been perfected to choose the most talented professionals in their fields and incorporate their experiences into our service model . In addition to our detailed in house training, ALL techs and Managers receive specialized training from ALL of the Manufacturers that we represent. Our Managers are loyal and have longevity. They offer experiences that will benefit the quality of service that your facility will receive. Our techs are able to expedite all types of repairs on all types of Fitness Equipment as long as parts are still supported by the Manufacturer.

All uniformed technicians are expected to look and act in a professional and courteous manner while at your Facility. We provide all techs with a reliable company vehicle, cell phone with GPS to keep in constant communication. We also use tracking through field force manager in order to give your facility updates on your scheduled service. We provide ALL specialty tools needed in order to expedite your repairs in the most efficient time possible. Our Vehicles are loaded each morning with popular parts that will allow us to efficiently expedite service for your individual equipment needs.


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    Step 1

    Once your equipment failure has been evaluated, our techs will seek Managers approval for immediate repair, providing the part is in our possession.

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    Step 2

    If part is not immediately available, our tech will notate paperwork as to the parts required.

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    Step 3

    Our Quotes Department will prepare a quote and send the following business day.

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    Step 4

    Once the quote is approved, your order will immediately be placed with the Manufacturer or Supplier.

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    Step 5

    If any part is on Back Order or no longer available, we will immediately inform our customer and provide other possible options.

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    Step 6

    We will make every effort to thoroughly investigate all other options before giving up on your repair needs.

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    Step 7

    Once your parts are received at our warehouse, we will notify our customer and schedule repairs immediately.


The process time for most repairs needing out of stock parts will be within 10 to 12 business days for regular shipping or within 5 to 7 business days for priority shipping. In many cases, the manufacturer must deal with back order delays or order back log which will affect our best scenario lead times. While we cannot control the manufacturers delays, we will keep our customers informed as to the status of their parts on a consistent basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

A service charge is the payment requested by service companies that includes: tech labor travel, vehicle fuel, toll expenses, and wear and tear on vehicles. NOTE: Some companies will include this expense in other areas of the bill so as not to raise issue.

After the first hour, you are billed in half hour increments.

Our services are warranted for 90 days for the same issue on the same unit and parts are warranted by the Manufacturer for 90 days of the install date. NOTE: There are a few companies that offer longer parts warranty so do not hesitate to get confirmation.

We bill an hourly rate after a 50 mile radius from our closest location to your facility.

While our techs will make every effort to repair your unit, there may be times that parts are not available or your unit has been deemed that it is not recommended for repair due to age or condition. In some cases you will be offered a discount or a refund based on the situation. We are motivated to keep our customers happy and confident in their partnership with us, so we will make every effort to provide a fair and positive experience.

We carry a 3 million dollar liability insurance plan to ensure your Facility is adequately protected.

Unlike other servicers, we do not offer our techs or Managers any kind of commissioned benefit for your services. Our technicians are paid hourly.

To receive many discounts, including hourly and travel rates we require that your facility enter into a Preventative Maintenance Agreement with our company.

We are here to help!

We are committed to making sure all of your equipment is working perfectly!

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