How to Choose a Maintenance Company

There are so many repair and maintenance companies popping up that its hard to keep track of who is out there and what they are promising. Since there are so many opportunities to get on the job training from either a gym or another service provider, once a person gets a little training under his or her belt, they feel that they can start their own business. Unfortunately there is no regulation in the industry to rate these people or make any bad or unethical practices made public.

I have detailed a few ways below that other competitors will provide maintenance and why you should stay away from that type of service:


In most cases a free PM from a dealer is just a way to motivate the customer into buying their new fitness equipment. Most sales companies are not motivated to care for or give efficient PM service to any customer. They may start out doing a good job but it will taper off until you rarely see them. They are hoping to sell you more equipment in about 4 years so why would they want to keep your existing equipment in top shape and lasting a long time? The time they spend on the PM service is so limited that there is no way for them to be effective or preventing any future wear or damage. They are merely keeping their word to provide a certain amount of visits but since they are on to the next sale rarely give good service.


Manufacturers make the equipment so if they provide you with a maintenance quote or a free PM then most likely there will be very little benefit to your facility. I know that it seems that they are the best candidate for the job since they make the equipment but again they are not set up to be a service entity. Some manufacturers do have their own service staff which is mainly focused on providing customers with warranty service, however they will not work on brands that they do not sell and the Preventative Maintenance that you receive is basically a visual inspection and calibration which in not complete enough to give any value to your free PM.


This is an angle used by some servicers in order to get customers to sign an agreement but again the benefits will be lost in an effort to make money on your facility. Some servicers will give away FREE travel charges and labor charges within their agreement. What you will find with this approach is that since they have to recoup their lost labor and travel charges the amount of time spent to do Preventative Maintenance is grossly affected. In most cases they will send one tech for a few hours when normally it would take several techs the majority of the day. Now it seems to work and may work if you just care about a piece of paper for liability reasons to have a PM Agreement but again you are not preventing future problems. This is probably the worst scenario because although your monthly PM costs are down, your repair bills will no doubt get out of control since they will adding additional profit to the cost of parts and not preventing issues through monthly maintenance.

We suggest that you don’t focus on the cost as much as what you will benefit from in the long run. There are many companies like ours that will give you a fair price along with discounts for signing a Maintenance Agreement without using smoke and mirrors to get you excited. We will give you a fair quote that takes into consideration how long it will legitimately take in order to complete a full and effective PM visit without cutting corners.

We appreciate the opportunity to send you a quote on our unmatched Preventative Maintenance Services!